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Q. How often should I tune my piano?

A. The National Piano Foundation and the Piano Technicians Guild recommend that after the first year a piano should be tuned at least twice each year. The first year may require more as this is the time your piano is adjusting to its new environment.

Q. How can I clean the keys?

A. Clean both the black and white keys using a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Wipe the keys from back to front, then dry them with a soft clean cloth. Note: Do not use alcohol, detergents, solvents and/or other chemicals.

Q. Where should I put a piano in my house?

A. Pianos are manufactured of wood, metal, and felts, all of which are subject to expansion and contraction from changes in temperature and humidity. Discretion should be used when locating the instrument to minimize temperature and humidity fluctuations. Avoid areas such as outside walls near windows or doors. Heat registers and floor vents or sunrooms and basements such also be avoided.

Q. Isn't It a waste of time to give my child piano lessons if they are not going to become a really great pianist?

A. All too often parents equate piano lessons with producing a child prodigy. Learning to play piano helps your child to master the "three C's"- Concentration, coordination, and confidence - those valuable qualities that help a child reach his or hers greatest potential. Most parents who did not have at least some childhood musical experience now regret it.

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